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Prefabrication Type Production and Construction
As a wholly owned subsidiary of XinjiangSeven star Construction Technology Co.,Ltd., Xinjiang Yiyou Construction Technologies Co., Ltd established in June 2012, is the first corporation specialized in research and development of the precast/prefabrication concrete technology in building industrialization field in Xinjiang of China. Meanwhile, the corporation also have been engaged in projectdesign consultation services, production, transportation and installation/construction of prefabricated parts with an industrialized production capability of processing and distributing 100,000 tones reinforcing bar.

Integrative development of the model "research &development +production +application", is the development direction of the industrialization of construction industry nowadays. As a corporation having a extension of development model of internationalized technologies +localized/nationalized production, Xinjiang Yiyou Construction Technology Co., Ltd.,, acting according to the physical circumstance in China, takes use of the local resources in  production and supply of all components, and implements  the development goals of achieving large-scale production of high-quality components. Via corporation with the inland enterprises as  well as introduction of advanced technologies and equipment, the corporation also solves  many problems arising from the localized construction in Xinjiang,  Through a mindful experience and opportunity seizing, as well as a real management ,the corporation also realizes a matured development of the building components production system in economy and technical feasibility and enables the modernized prefabricated housing/residence conforming to the energy-saving and environmental requirement of a green building.